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Stretch Marks??
Anti-Wrinkle Creme'
European Formula
2 oz/ 57 grams
Clinical Study Facts:
100% of study participants showed positive results including significant increase in:
* Hydration
* Wrinkle Reduction
* Skin Firmness
* 90% Increase in Skin Elasticity
* Substantial Free Radical Protection
* Significant acceleration of Cell Renewal
Dermal-C is an exclusive & powerful formulation delivering a double dose of stablized Vitamin C to protect the skin against free-radical damage which can cause skin to look old prematurely.
 ** Dermal-c delivers at least 5% stabliized Vitamin C (most Vitamin C creams do not have ANY stabilized Vitamin C)
Dermal C contains the following active ingredients:
*Amla Fruit- aka Indian Gooseberrt - provides the highest content of Vitamin C among any naturally occurring substance
*Grapefruit Peel Oil -- another significant source of Vitamin C-- enhances stability of formulation
*Retinyl Palmitate-- Source of Vitamin A, primary antioxidant vitamin, free-radical scavenger & cellular renewel, healer
*Carrot Root -- Converts to VItamin A in the body, cellular renewal & healing abilities
*Tocopheryl Acetate-- Vitamin E,  a natural antioxidant, benefits healing & cellular renewel
*Squlene-- the body's own natural moisturizer, nutrient rich healing oil penetrates deeper & faster then most other oils
*Shea Butter -- Excellent moisturizing & nourshing capabilities, natural cellular renewal, natual sunblock  ( not meant to replace sunscreen)
Dermal -C skin will feel softer & firmer after only 2-3 days of application****
Fight Wrinkles & Stretch Marks!!
Dermal C
Antioxidant Creme
Price: $24.99
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease
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