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Great Specials Going On........

Linus Pauling Multi-Vitamin

This could very well be the BEST vitamins made... It is not only a complete multi-vitamin.. but also contains fruit & veggie extracts.. Just take 2-3 per day and get on with the day! Sale: $10.99 plus $3 s&h

Dermal K Cream

Great for Spider Veins, Scars, Bruises, Black under the eyes... This Vitamin K cream is GREAT! 2 ounce jar only $24.99 plus $3 s&h..

Socks for Diabetics

Made In The USA! Only $5.99 for 3 pair... plus s&h.. specify color & size... call us for help in odering.... 1-888-314-1001

SunMark Blood Pressure Monitor

Automatic... Just put it on & press the button..... Reg. $44.99 Sale Price: $39.99 Plus $5 s&h...

Zanfel Poison Ivy Relief

Got Poison Ivy or oak? This is the stuff! Gets rid of the symptoms in as little as 30 seconds... This really works! Sale Price: $29.99 plus $3 s&h.

Linus Pauling Vitamin

Super Multi-Vitamin 120ct. bottle

Zanfel Ivy Relief

Helps Get RId of the ITCH!

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